Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Put Spread on Chipotle $CMG

I am a little late posting this, and I feel bad because it has been a winner so far, but well, that's the way it is.  A few days ago I sold a put spread on Chipotle, $CMG.  I sold the $395 and bought the $375, both in May, for a possible $800 gain.  Price when I took out the spread was around $398.

A few keys points:

May is really far out for me.  This has a long time to work.  I got the idea from Jim Cramer, he said he thought Chipotle would come back from the dietary issues they had, but it would take 18 months.  We are now a year past that, so six more months would be around 18.  I figure there is some leeway in that so I chose May. (And honestly, Cramer doesn't know, he may be better at estimating that stuff than some people, or maybe not)

The other thing I was instead of multiple puts at close strike prices, I did one with a wide spread.  This gave me a decent return (40%) and lowered commissions.  Risk is pretty high, but not so much I didn't take the wager.

So, just two days out of 60 or so $CMG is up 20 bucks.  A lucky run.  I am already up $150 or so.  I don't think it's likely I will wait it out if I keep this profit.  Although I haven't yet.

I have a couple more positions I'll get to over the next week.  A teaser is that one involves $LABU.

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